Why You Need To Do A Summer Internship

While there are only a handful of companies in Saudi Arabia open to employing interns, which they mostly do explicitly as part of their CSR initiatives, landing an internship job is not the easiest of tasks. Most companies are yet to adapt to the concept and the ones that do offer internships limit them to around 2 months. But once you land one, you’ll realize how important and valuable it is. And if the realization does not hit you now, it will in the years to come.  

  • Getting Into Colleges

Whether you are already in college or are planning for further studies, your internship is definitely a strong point you’d want to list on your application. It does make you stand out and being associated with an established company is an added bonus.

  • Networking

There will be loads of people to meet, from co-workers to clients to managers. The major perk of being associated with industry professionals is that it will help you in some way further down your career.

  • Chances Of Full-Time Employment

Many a times, companies hire intern candidates for full-time positions, either after the internship period has ended or upon completion of their college course. Your employers may make you do rigorous work and boring tasks but avoid shying away from such tasks as this is your chance to prove your worth.

  • Increased Marketability

Finding a new job is tough and for a fresher who’s just out of college, the journey is even tougher. Having an internship does distinguish you from other freshers out there and a letter of recommendation from a well-known previous employer is an additional benefit.

  • Learn Real World Problems

You’ll gain exposure to on-the-job problems and issues that are perhaps not found in college classrooms.

  • Earn A Stipend

Most MNC’s in Saudi Arabia do offer a stipend for your internship. Though it will not be much, grouped along with the benefits listed above it sure is worthwhile.

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