Which Jeans Are Your Perfect Fit?

Photo Credit: thejeansblog.com Photo Credit: thejeansblog.com

By Noor Qamar Zaheer

Whether it’s a dress or a flowing fustaan, nothing accentuates your curves more than a pair of well-fitting jeans. You’re never too old to wear jeans…it’s just a matter of discovering the right pair for you.

Dark wash jeans can be dressed up for a chic, evening look while a pair of holey, faded glories are perfect for casual weekend wear. Jeans should be hanging in everyone’s closet, but it’s imperative to try on several pairs and makes before selecting the best pair for your body type. So be a diva in denim; everyone can optimize their assets with judicious tailoring and the correct silhouette.

Body Shape: Deciphering your size The best-fitted jeans are directly proportional to your body shape. Here is a concise way to determine what your body is really shaped like.


Identified your body shape? Now let’s roll up our sleeves and get cracking to reveal which type of jeans suits your shape. At the end of the day, a pair of good-fitting jeans can make a big difference in making that best first impression. You needn’t go far to find the best fitting denim in the market, Jeddah’s Tahlia Street boasts a variety of international brands where you can get the perfect jeans from DKNY to Zara to TopShop starting from SR 200. If you are looking for cheaper options, head to Debenhams, Next or New look located on Tahlia Street and Aziz Mall with a price range staring from SR 70 for a pair of good fitting jeans. You are what you wear so putting a in little bit of effort can go a long way to ensuring that you feel the confidence oozing out of you. Good luck in your jean endeavors!

Apple: Don’t Hide

People who are apples are the most difficult to dress, but don’t despair, there are plenty of choices available. People who are apples usually tend to have a large chest and a rounded, undefined belly. Boot cut jeans are perfect for apple-shaped people since they streamline the thighs and kick out over the shoe. Wear a heel (not too large ladies!) to help give the impression of longer legs.

Photo Credit: motorhelmets.com

Photo Credit: motorhelmets.com

Hourglass: Parade Your Curves

The hourglass shape with its balanced proportions is thought of as the ideal female body shape. Boot cut jeans are perfect for your shape as they tone your thighs and show off your curves. A skinny or straight-legged jean is a good option as well as it will really show off those gorgeous curves of yours. Hunt for jeans that fit perfectly near your waistline. This will fit snugly on your hips creating lovely, smooth lines. If you cannot find a jean that fits you around the waist, try to find those that fit you on the legs and hips and make friends with your local tailor to make those last alterations for you.

Photo Credit: fashionsup.com

Photo Credit: fashionsup.com

Pear: Be Proud

This is one of the most common silhouettes amongst women. Ok, so you have wide thighs and your bum is heavier than usual and sometimes it looks a bit bigger than you would want it to be but your shoulders are slim with a perfect cinched in waist that other shapes die to have. Flared jeans are perfect for this shape that kick out from the knee and balances your lower half giving it a toned look. Choose dark colors of dark blue, black or indigo to help streamline your legs. Add a heel to elongate your legs for added drama.

Photo Credit: adelmofashions.com

Photo Credit: adelmofashions.com

Slender: Very Chic

For women who are slender, women around you admire your shape. Although,you have got an enviable shape, sometimes, the clothes you wear can make you look a little boyish. Boot cut jeans or slightly flared jeans will add volume and will provide your body with added curves. Skinny jeans will look great on you. You can play with a variety of colors. Avoid black or indigo colors, as these will make you even skinnier.

Photo Credit: coatpant.com

Photo Credit: coatpant.com

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