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Where to watch the finale: Argentina vs. France

Where to watch the finale: Argentina vs. France

Who’s taking the World Cup home? The world cup is coming to an end and we are just about to help make the finale special and memorable. How about we give you some of the best places to enjoy the finale with friends and family? Don’t forget your jerseys!

Here is a list to watch the Argentina vs. France match: 


With the chili weather and outdoor atmosphere by the lake, Belajio is hosting the final match of this year’s World Cup where with an excited crowd, you will be celebrating the awaited win. 

For more, check out Belajio’s instagram 



The one with the cup! In the all-friends related cafe, grab your own friends for a fired up time with Messi and Mbappe along with the friends’ cast recipes right from Monica’s kitchen.  

For more, check out Monica’s instagram  


Gala Lounge

With a unique mood and vibe, Gala Lounge is bringing the finals to an exciting level where you can challenge your friends to a billiard session while also enjoying the final match. 

For more, check out Gala Lounge’s instagram 


Jeddah Park Center

One of the newest commercial centers in Jeddah is hosting today’s match within a zone dedicated to the World cup from within the Adidas fanzone. At Jeddah Park Center and in this zone, you can also enjoy some activities including practicing your football skills with Adidas and Cenomi. 

For more, check out Jeddah Park Center’s instagram 


Venue Hotel

Live from Astro Lounge! Broadcasting the match, Venue Hotel is offering a thrilling experience with its huge screen and a special fans menu with a price of 200 SAR. 

For more, check out Venue Hotel’s instagram 


Park Hyatt 

From within Park Hyatt , Andalusia Restaurant is opening its doors to panoramic outdoor screens and seating that overlooks the wonderful Red Sea. 

For more, check out Park Hyatt’s instagram 


Blue Ocean

How about some seafood to calm your nerves during the match? Blue Ocean is your place to spend your evening tonight with the company of some seafood to enrich your cravings.

For more, check out Blue Ocean’s instagram  


Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge is hosting the final game live from its panoramic rooftop. With a view of the Jeddah Corniche, Sky Lounge is the perfect place to spend an evening like this.

For more, check out Rosewood’s instagram 


Joujou lounge 

The aesthetic neon lights set the suitable mood for the match. Imagine the thrilling celebrations from within Joujou Lounge’s space!

For more, check out Joujou Lounge’s instagram  


Al Hosh and Al Arbaeen Lake fan zone

Watch the match through the historic streets of Al Balad. Al Hosh and Al Arbaeen Lake fan zone is displaying the match on its huge setup screens. Not only will you be enjoying the match, you will also be treated to different activities to fill up the half time. 

Get your tickets from


Jeddah Art Promenade

Along the corniche, enjoy the match from the big screens displayed at the Jeddah Promenade  with different activities to indulge in. There is also the food section that will be your treat during the time of suspense at the Fan area.

For more, check out Jeddah Art Promenade’s instagram

Jeddah Waves

The waves of the match live from Jeddah Waves. With a zone dedicated for the match near the beach, you can take a time out during the match to enjoy the beach activities.

Get your tickets at 


Football Fan Zone

Hosting all the matches throughout the world cup journey, the Football Fan Zone is the host of a large screen to enjoy the match along with a selection of different restaurants. How much per person? 150 SAR. 

For more, check out Noon United’s instagram 


This World Cup season passed so swiftly, let’s see what World Cup 2026 has in store! Our prediction is that Argentina will be taking the cup home tonight.


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