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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Where to watch the finale: Argentina vs. France

Where to watch the finale: Argentina vs. France

Where is the cup going to land tonight? The world cup is coming to an end and we are just about to help make the finale special and memorable. How about we give you some of the best places to enjoy the finale with friends and family? Don’t forget your jerseys!  

Here is a list to watch the Argentina vs. France match:


Buffalo Wild Wings – Sahafa 

Chicken wings and sports have the power to change people’s lives for the better. This venue is perfect to stir up emotions and enjoy the last World Cup game at Buffalo Wild Wings

For more, check out Buffalo Wild Wings’s instagram  


Sky bar cafe lounge 

If you want to kick back with some pals and enjoy a cold beverage or a hot cup of coffee while watching the game, the Sky Lounge is the place to do it. Sky bar cafe’s decor is so tranquil and relaxing it’s almost magical.

For more, check out Sky Bar Lounge’s instagram


Riyadh season fan festival 

The Fan Festival is dedicated to the world cup with a mega screen giving the crowd a 360 World cup experience with the live concerts and shows throughout the match with activities including FIFA, FORTNITE and TEKKEN tournaments.
For more, check out Riyadh Season’s instagram


Keys cafe 

Keys Cafe, with its wonderful coffee and amazing cuisine, is the perfect venue to spend the last day of the World Cup.

For more, check out Key Cafe’s instagram 


Makani lounge

With its casual and relaxed atmosphere, Makani Lounge  is the perfect place to be for tonight’s final match! 

For more, check out Makani Lounge’s instagram


La Noche

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a traditional meal and watch the final world cup game at Lanoche, a restaurant with a lovely traditional ambiance and beautiful music.

For more, check out Lanoche’s instagram 
5This World Cup season passed so swiftly, let’s see what World Cup 2026 has in store! Our prediction is that Argentina will be taking the cup home tonight.


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