Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

When in Yanbu…

When in Yanbu…

…do as the Yanbuians do: dive, chill and live lightheartedly.



A guide to the perfect getaway to the multi-faceted city of Yanbu.

Most cities and towns in Saudi Arabia are blessed with one or two defining characteristics that leave a lasting impression on visitors and passersby: great beaches, vivacious streets, historical monuments, and/or decadent dishes. Yanbu, however, an exponentially developing hub, is adamant on having it all.

As the second-largest city along the Red Sea after Jeddah, Yanbu is a treasure trove of pristine beaches, rich culture, and an array of enjoyable activities. The city is divided into three distinct sections: Yanbu Al Bahr (the beach). Yanbu Al Nakheel (the palms).Yanbu Al Sinaiyah (the industrial). Exploring all three sections might seem a tad overwhelming for a newcomer. but with a comprehensive tour all around the city’s essentials, we’ll make a Yanbuian out of you in less than 48 hours!

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1. Dive at one o the most pristine spots on the West Coast

Along the coast, the waterfront provides exquisite dive sites and offshore coral reefs at Sharm Yanbu Bay.

2. Explore Al Nakheel

Head over to one of the city’s oldest inhabited areas, Yanbu Al Nakheel (the palms). It is an agricultural hub of grassy lawns (Al Fairouz Park) and tree-fined beaches (Subh Park). It’s also where most people live, where the action happens, and where you can truly experience the city for what it is-a transitional scene of a calm yet vivid
life, honoring both the old and the new.

3 Chill at Al Slnayfah

With newly a renovated waterfront which rivals that of Al Bahr’s. Yanbu Al Sinayiahisworththe 15-minute drive from
downtown-even if only to sip a cup from the city’s favorite artisanal coffee joint, Asool AlQahwa, and rest your eyes on the beautiful sight that is the industrial city’s clear-water lake.
Instagram: Asool_coffee


Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

Wander around Al Balad (downtown Yanbu), which is rich with historical buildings, shopping centers, and restaurants. Grab a bite from Al Marsah’s catch of the day, spend the evening browsing through the street markets of Al Lail souq, and explore the city’s heritage at the History of Yanbu Park. Be sure to check out the souvenirs from the Al Sayigh Arthouse.

Photo by yanbueye
Photo by yanbueye

Don’t miss out on the fresh catch of the day! Yanbu has seafood restaurants that will cook lovely dishes straight out of the net.


Yanbu is home to many picturesque beaches and serene shores that delight insight and ease in a breeze. The waterfront corniche within the city’s Al Bahr section has plenty of boutique restaurants and coffee shops to choose from:

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

1. Waff – Rustic and contemporary breakfast with inventive waffle favorites.
Instagram: waffksa

2. Meshraq – Try a full Arabic breakfast.

∗ Tip
Souvenir hunting?
Take your pick from Instagram: alsayighatelier

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

Yanbu’s history dates back to 2,500 years and is considered a stopping point on the caravan route from Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and the Mediterranean.



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