How to develop your skills with Suplift

Suplift: Learn new skills from experts in your city.

Based in Jeddah, Suplift was founded by Fadi Yahya, whose mission is to help one million people make sustainable income by 2020 by creating innovative online marketplaces. The name Suplift itself suggests, “uplifting” each other.

Suplift is a startup seed incubated at the Startups Catalyst. Startups Catalyst is easily described as a private startups incubator. When they grow, they become standalone startups.


They now have two seeds:

  • Montaj: an online and offline training course with an online ecosystem that helps people turn their ideas into products.
  • Suplift: an online marketplace that matches people who want to learn skills with experts who give face-to-face classes.

How does it work?

There are two ways Suplift works.

First, a learner submits a class request on the website and an expert in the skill is assigned to that class.

Second, a class is advertised and people request that class on the Suplift platform by including the class code in their request.

Suplift also allows coaches to easily create and schedule their classes, accept payments and communicate with learners. All submissions are reviewed before being published on the platform. In addition, Suplift also helps the coaches in designing and marketing their classes to ensure good quality of classes.


We have built a simple website with an easy UX and we will develop it along the way. Our biggest asset is the community. As we are building this platform, we are thinking of it as a community of people who want to find more interesting things to do in their cities. I believe that learning a new skill with a coach can bring a lot of joy to someone’s life. Thus, our startup is built around core values that put the benefit of the coach and learner first. Fadi Yahya

The Suplift launch event on 9th February took place at Nawa Space, a community‐oriented space that aims at enriching the well‐being of people in Jeddah.

Suplift team interviews all the coaches in‐person to ensure that they meet all the criterion set internally for a coach, as well as, fit the culture of Suplift and its standards. Suplift coaches are skillful and passionate about teaching their skills to new learners.


The featured coaches during the launch event were:

  • Khaled Alfaydi Become a Home Barista
  • Diyala Azzony Learn How to Play the Guitar
  • Shame Malaika Dive and Explore the Underwater World ‐ Female Only
  • Houssam Jameel Keep Calm and Learn Tai Chi
  • Jode Learn Roller‐Skating with a pro
  • Alaa El Nizri Speak with confidence
  • Raman Aldrees Learn How to Play The Piano ‐ Female Only
  • Sultan Alyazeedi Blogging as a habit
  • Hanaa Sabban Have fun and learn Zumba ‐ Female Only
  • Fadi Yahya Attract the right opportunities is now available for people in Jeddah only. Those interested in using Suplift must become a member on

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