Weird Food Combos

Jou Pabalate

Regional Editorial Manager at Destination Riyadh


Tried and tested!

 Everyone has that one friend who insists their turkey Nutella banana sandwich is the best thing that was ever created on Allah’s earth. And with inedible combos being all the rage, we decided to give the budding gastronomists in our general vicinity a fighting chance. Here are the results of our tastebud sacrifice!

Fries and Shake/Ice Cream:

Ickiness: 1
Weird Factor: 1
Palatability: 4

It turns out dipping fries into ice cream is a pretty popular quirk. You’re sitting there with your meal and you wonder: Why not? We can tell you why not; it’s like trying to get the best of both worlds but ending up getting neither. Shame on you, Hannah Montana. Shame on you.

Orange Juice and Cheerios

orange-juice-and-cheerios-1Ickiness: 5
Weird Factor: 4
Palatability: 1

Ugh, why. WHY. Even the plant it got dumped in was asking why.

Peanut Butter and Pickles

Ickiness: 2
Weird Factor: 3
Palatability: 2

peanut-butter-and-picklesLook, there’s odd, and then there’s taking something perfectly decent to begin with and turning into your worst nightmare. Kinda like Frankenstein. This sandwich is Frankenstein. The MEAN Frankenstein.

Cheese and Halawa Tahinia

Ickiness: 2
Weird Factor: 2
Palatability: 4

halawa-tahinia-and-kraft-cheeseThis one surprised us. We expected to spit it out as soon as we tasted it, but it turns out this isn’t a half bad idea. The cheese offsets the sweetness in the halawa tahinia pretty decently. One tip, though: it’s best eaten after being pressed.

Watermelon and Feta Cheese

Ickiness: 1
Weird Factor: 1
Palatability: 5

watermelon-a&-fetaAnother win! And a favorite of our sales manager. It’s an acquired taste but we can see how it’d be refreshing.

Sugar, Eggs and Turkey Ham

Ickiness: 3
Weird Factor: 3
Palatability: 5

eggs-sugar-ham-2Okay, we won’t lie: this one’s from our childhood. And we love it. There’s very little sugar cannot improve, to be quite frank. And the turkey ham sears really well. Don’t knock it till you try it, folks.

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