Visit Japamura by Saudi Airlines to Experience an Incredible & Unique Corner of Japanese Culture at Gamers8

Animal shaped candy, traditional drums, repairing broken ceramics with gold, Japanese calligraphy, origami, karaoke, cosplay, and the tastiest ramen are just some of the must-do’s.

  • Organized by the Saudi Esports Federation, Gamers8 – featuring elite tournaments, big-name concerts, and fun-filled activities for all ages – runs daily until September 8

With animal shaped candy, traditional drums, and examples of how to repair broken ceramics with gold, the Japamura by Saudi Airlines zone at Gamers8, the biggest esports and gaming event worldwide, is a fascinating and creative place to learn more about Japan and Japanese culture.


Wear traditional Japanese dress at the Yukata experience, sip free Japanese tea at the Matcha tasting, and blast out your favorite tunes at the Japanese karaoke nights. If that’s not enough, delve into a Shodo class, the art of traditional Japanese calligraphy, or an origami lesson to learn these exquisite arts at the Japamura academy featuring expert instructors flown in from Japan.

There’s also Wadaiko, or Taiko for short, the traditional, large drums from ‘the Land of the Rising Sun’ that sound the most incredibly inspiring noise.


Or how about Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum? Or Amezaiku, a style of ‘candy art’ made famous in the Edo period between 1603 and 1867, where seemingly simple sweets are shaped into the most incredible animal sculptures. Take our word for it and try a dragon lollipop – you won’t be disappointed.

Ahmed Albishri, Chief Operations Officer at the Saudi Esports Federation, said: “Japamura by Saudi Airlines is an incredible experience for all those who want to embrace one of the most unique and fascinating cultures in the world. Japan is renowned worldwide as a nation steeped in a culture that combines both tradition and modernity, which is fully reflected in our special corner of Gamers8.”


“At first thought Saudi Arabia and Japan – as far apart from each other on the continent of Asia as possible – are very different countries. But delve deeper and you’ll find strong similarities – think ceremony, tradition, togetherness, respect, and people. And, of course, gaming. I urge all of you to come and experience that and more for yourselves at Japamura by Saudi Airlines at Gamers8.” 

Anime characters, free to play board games, cosplay and the mouthwatering Yum Yum Ramen store are also must-do’s at Japamura by Saudi Airlines. And for a special treat, try the utterly delicious Taiyaki waffle-style cones that blend in perfect harmony with artisan flavors of soft serve ice cream.

The Japamura by Saudi Airlines zone runs throughout the duration of Gamers8 until Thursday, September 8, and is open daily from 6pm – 9pm and 10pm – 1am. We look forward to seeing you there.

Ticket are available on the event website.

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