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Unleashing MAIZ at Diriyah Gate

The fine-dining space MAIZ, opens its wide gates to those who love the genuine and traditional tastes of Saudi. 

This restaurant brings to the table the authentic aroma and flavors to its cultural setting at the Bujairi Terrace, which is part of Diriyah Gate Development. 

What is Al Khozama? It is one of the most prominent players in hospitality throughout the Gulf. The CEO of Khozama said: “Al Khozama brings decades of rich expertise in the hospitality sector and MAIZ will not only represent a new hospitality concept but also a unique journey of the Kingdom’s heritage and culture.” finishing his conversation by saying: “We are proud of launching this original concept, and look forward to welcoming tourists and residents to experience authentic Saudi food in a thematic setting”. 

This high-end prestigious restaurant is the world’s authentic way to taste Saudi dishes and has aims to create a new food genre which in the future will be referred to as The Saudi Food, globally.

This restaurant serves a very exclusive menu with authentic Saudi dishes that will be a feast to all senses with an aura that screams fashionable, sophisticated, welcoming, and provides a unique experience to all guests that enter. 

For more, make sure to to check out MAIZ’s website.

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