Type of People at Orientation

Orientation week; when students and the uni get to know each other.

All kinds of things happen during orientation – students get proper access to everything and the university feels a bit less stressed out. But, we also come across all kinds of people.

  • The Know-it-Allgiphy
    This student knows more about what’s going to happen than the instructors, and they are ready to talk your ear off about their life and aspirations.
  • The Question Markgiphy-1
    They’re absolutely clueless about what orientation is and why they’re attending it. They take a while to adjust and are always asking questions.
  • The Wearygiphy-2
    They are tired and don’t have energy for college, but they’re here anyway. They’re constantly looking at the time, waiting for the day to get over so they can go home.
  • The Cool Kidgiphy-3
    They consider themselves too cool to attend orientation. They’ve far better things to do like rap to Sean Paul or try and be the next Beyoncé, as long as they don’t have to come to monotonous orientation lectures.
  • The Encyclopediagiphy-4
    These are juniors or seniors whose years of experience have made them experts on the university. They love to help but time is sometimes very precious for these busy bees.
  • The Twinsgiphy-5
    They’re the ones you have a lot in common with and who will end up being one of your closest friends. It’s awkward at first but you’re both glad to hang out.
  • The Sweaty Handsgiphy-6
    These students are anxious about everything and they’re super quiet. They probably won’t go further than a ‘hi’ unless they already know you. Be nice to them.

Which one are you?

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