Turki Al Romaih – Introducing Pop Art and Graffiti to the EP

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This May, we interviewed the graffiti genius, Turki Al Romaih. Al Romaih, who was the art director at 966 Box Park and also performed live graffiti at Matha8, has recently started a new initiative called Tkween – which aims to create innovative ways of giving.

Art is merged with the concept of helping others and proceeds of each artwork are donated to help the less fortunate. This Ramadan they created artistic pop art posters that reflect Saudi Youth culture. The aim is to help a man who was imprisoned as he was unable to pay back his debts. Tkween has already raised half the money and is working on raising the other half.

“We believe that the smallest gestures make the biggest difference. We also believe that the ability to give back and help others is embedded in us as human beings, as Saudis and most importantly as Muslims.”

Your favorite artists?
Fin Dac, c215, shepard fairey, paper monster and el Seed to name a few.
Essential graffiti tools?
You only need Spray paint, time and a vivid imagination.
Your inspiration?
My greatest source of inspiration is my family and friends; they constantly push me to become a better artist. They also inspire me by their own achievements.
Surround yourself with positive, successful people. And remember: “Don’t listen to the haters.” Avoid those who have pessimistic or negative views about life. They will undermine your achievements and tell you it can’t be done. Believe in yourself, work hard and never underestimate what you are capable of.
Your favorite piece from your own collection?
It’s really hard to choose since every piece has a back story and a reason that led me to do it. But, if I had to choose it would probably be the street art I did recently at 966 Box Park. I wanted to close the gap between Islamic art and street art. I think it was my greatest challenge and I pushed myself to complete it.

I also love this piece titled “Restless,” something that took me 13 failed attempts to get to. I got close results but they weren’t the image I had created in my head. When I finally got it, I had never felt more satisfied in my life.

Check them out on instagram @tkweeen and @turkir.

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