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TSC Signature

An upscale full-dining concept from the creators of The Sandwich Company, TSC Signature on Suleimaniyah St. plays with bistro-ish fusion flavors for a casual dining treat.

With its high ceiling glass windows and polished white interiors, TSC signature has the ambience of a sunshine filled New Orleans café during the day that transition to a warm chandelier-lit spot for the perfect night casual dining experience.


For appetizers, potato enthusiasts (yeah, in our book that’s a thing) would enjoy the potato sampler. Organic produce lovers would delight at the Quinoa Endive Salad. Dynamite shrimp was TSC Signature’s staple even before everyone else got on the wagon.

Quinoa Endive Salad-7

One of the highlights in the TSC Signature menu is the manner in which they have managed to reinvent the burger experience. With burger joints popping up across town, they are able to set themselves apart with their gourmet selection. The Blackberry burger is an intriguing concept, but can be a hit or miss depending on your tastebuds. However, for those with a classic appetite for juicy patties and buttered buns, go for the TSC signature burger and mini burgers.

Classic Burger (4)

There are only a few main courses and it’s a choice between steak or the tarragon chicken leaves for us. The seafood Risotto seem to be good choice as well, and was most of the other tables when we visited.

Risotto Seafood1

The flavors at TSC signature are tied together with their unique flair for satisfying your visual craving as well. The manner in which the food is presented is a pleasant introduction to the delicious experience you’re about to have. The wait staff is polished, polite and akin to having a charming host while you dine.

Overall, it’s a chill place to try out and because we’re sunshine junkies, we would probably go back again for lunch.


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