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True to Tradition: Gahwa Time

True to Tradition: Gahwa Time

By Hurreia Balouch and Sumaiyya Naseem

Cafés for your gahwa fix in Ramadan.

If you’ve experienced Ramadan without gahwa, then you’ve been doing it wrong. Gahwa is to Ramadan what dates are to breaking your fast – it’s that serious.

Fulfill your gahwa cravings at these cafés, with a side of dates of course.

Cafés are usually open between iftar and suhoor during Ramadan.

  1. Znjabeel

With lovely décor, rich coffee and signature Middle Eastern desserts, Znjabeel is a Ramadan one-stop café.

Location: Beach Tower, Corniche Rd.
Instagram: znjabeelcafecut

  1. Bafarat

Their gahwa is saturated with the essence of cardamom and cloves: it’s flavorful and true to tradition.

Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Khaldia Dist.
Instagram: bafaratarabiaimg_3355

  1. Café Bateel

Perfect if you’re looking for a premium café experience. Bateel is famous for dates, so you can’t go wrong!

Location: Le Prestige Mall, Malik Rd.

  1. Deera Café

Great gahwa is even better with good company. We’ve hear their Khadija coffee is a must have.

Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: deera_cafeimg_3332

  1. Barn Café

Some may take this as a surprise, but Barn Café has one of the best gahwa in town. If you’re looking for a quick fix gahwa on your way to taraweeh, avail their drive thru option!

Location: Hilmi Kutbi St., Al Zahra Dist.img_3358

  1. La Vie Café

Popular for their chocolate kebab, La Vie offers delicious gahwa and Turkish coffee made on hot sand.

Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Khaldia Dist.
Instagram: laviecafejeddahimg_3276

  1. Heyla

Want an evening of rejoicing in Ramadan with friends? Heyla has pretty décor and beautiful attention to detail. Enjoy the gahwa with desserts, because why not?!

Location: Al Khayat Center, Al Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: heylaksa

  1. Haif And Kaif Café

This café offers a breezy view and gahwa that can be paired with traditional sides and desserts. We recommend the mini pancakes and date cake, goes so well with the gahwa!

Location: Corniche Rd., Al Shati Dist.
Instagram: haif_kaif_cafeimg_3202

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