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By Nadine Hussain

Every once in a while a certain kind of print hits the trend bandwagon. Last year fashionistas and the big names on the block were raving about and wearing floral prints.

It looks like this year big size monograms are back. Whether its references to popular culture or just an imprint of the natural world around us, textile prints are too many to choose from.

Here are a few prints we think you need in your closet:

This is a definite must have and so it’s top on the list. Bags, tshirts, dresses, paints, shoes…you name it, nothing is immune to this amazing print. We love the out of the world feeling this print brings. Nerds and geeks do fashion best, and we think the universe print if their doing. Regardless, you know what to get next!
Tie and Dye
The 2015 Alexandra Wang collection has proved that bold tie and dye is back in fashion. Whether it’s dark tones or black and purple or solid summer or pastel colors in a flowy dress, tie and dye is one print your wardrobe needs to revive.
It demands the best kind of attention. It’s all about bold mirror-image prints. If it’s your first time go for a simpler bold print, but if you insist on going all the way then have fun and experiment! This print looks great on its own so limit the accessories and wear neutral tone shoes.
Gingham Print
Or more simply, checker print. This was also the freshest print this year in Spring. We are loving the endless styles you can go for because small and big checks are both the trend! Pair your gingham print skirt or top with a lacy or sheer counterpart for a fabulous look!

Get ready to shop! And tell us about your favorite wardrobe addition this year!

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