Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Travel Tuesday: How to Travel Deeply in Spain

Travel Tuesday: How to Travel Deeply in Spain
By Sultana Alattas and Ghada Al-Omran

Hola, Que tal? Here’s a local travel guide, which you can use in any destination of your choosing.

Be smart on searching for the best traveling deals
Instead of making reservation at a hotel, use online websites such as that can have 10-20% discounts from the original price.

However, if you do not have access to an internet service you can go through travel agencies such as Tayyar, Asfar, and Fursan and ask for their offers.

Also, renting out a house or an apartment is the best affordable alternative rather than staying in a hotel.

Looking for a tourism office in the city you are visiting is a starter if you haven't had any access to other sources to configure your day.

They are usually located in airport terminals or in the center of the cities.

Also you can ask the concierge, a resident, and search online for the location; google maps.

Know their history, culture, architecture, and regulations! You are there for a reason; to explore something you haven't been exposed to yet.
The history of how the king came into reign and their rituals is a way to know the country and actually feel the essence of their revolution. Did you know? Proportional relations in the Islamic architecture especially in Andalusia is a widespread design in Spain during the Islamic revolution and it is important to achieve repeating patterns

The culture is very beautiful and grotesque at the same time. Their diverse festivals, dances, and of course bullfights. They have festival called “La Tomatina” which is held in Valecian town of Buñol. Their invention of the Spanish guitar which is widely known around the world.

The architecture is divine out in Spain. One of the famous architects is Gaudí in Barcelona for example the Casa Mila Passeig de Gracia. Also, the Sagrada Família is famous for still being under construction.

The regulation should be noted when visiting any country to avoid any troublesome acts you may not know were illegal. Ask before leaving your country through airports or even online!

Look for outstanding & unbelievable landscapes to witness Allah's creations
When it comes to choosing the best place for tourism in Spain make sure to look for outstanding and unbelievable landscapes to witness Allah’s creations and remarkable places such as



It has a great combination of Islamic and Spanish heritage such as Alhambra that carries a masterpiece of Islamic culture


Botanical Garden of Córdoba
Botanical Garden of Córdoba

Such as visiting the patio festival that is held every year. In addition to the Botanical Garden of Córdoba which is the heart of Cordoba that carries amusing fountains, lush vegetation and spacious squares



Jardin de Rosas de Cervantes, one of the biggest rose gardens. In addition to Cal Barbut, a beautiful mountain to relax by, and Casa de la Rosa


Park El Chaprico
Park El Chaprico



It is one of the largest islands located on the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca is famous for its amusing and breathtaking beaches such as Cala Figuera, it has the bluest water and calmest beach in Spain.



Ibliza is the third largest Balearic Islands. For charming views of nature check out Can Marca caves for unbelievable views. It’s has a fascinating sea view as you move directly towards the iterance.



The volcano located timanfya in lanzorte is the number one tourists attraction. Last year alone the volcano got almost 1 million visitors. In addition, Jamos Del Agua attracted many tourists but throughout time it collapsed. Eventually, two Architects Luis Morales and Jesus soto were able to transfer the natural space into subterranean auditoriums.

Depending on the duration of your stay; take something out of your stay. Learn their dance, a sport, and anything that you can comeback to reminisce and dwell on.
The experience is endless in Spain. It is a must to try out different things in order to get an experience out of your trip. For example, you should try to learn their dance, the flamenco. Or even watch the spectacular dance. Madrid has plenty of them, the place where flamenco is performed is called “Tablao” and most of them offer dinners. Also, try to use the local language as much as possible to make to learn the language

In addition, Whenever you visit a new city, try collecting a souvenir.

Try out their style, foods, and music!
Whenever you choose to visit a city, make sure to understand more about the culture of the city from food, music, dress code and especially norms.

The clothing In Grenada and Cordoba the dress code in Grenada is to always remain neat and camouflage clothing is strictly forbidden.

The food Grenada also has some famous traditional food such as chicken stew, pumpkin mash, callaloo and sorrel juice. Mostly every year in Grenada, there is a festival called Pure Grenada nutmeg spice that introduces the traditional food and how to prepare it.

The Valencian Community has foods like paella is a Valencian rice dish with ancient roots that originated in its modern [/su_service]

Check out apps such as TripAdvisor to search numerous places that has been rated.

Travel Hacks

1- To have more space in your suitcase, try rolling your clothes instead of folding it, it gives more space that way.

2- When it comes to storing cables, try storing it inside an old toilet paper roll

3- Purchase a portable charger to avoid running out of battery

4- Whenever you visit a theme park, try inserting your phone inside a plastic bag to avoid getting it wet

5- Whenever you carry an item inside your suitcase that is in risk of getting damaged, try rolling it with newspaper to prevent it from having any damages


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