Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Top Summer Do’s on the West Coast

Top Summer Do’s on the West Coast

Looking for your next adventure? Fill your summer calendar with these must do’s and try’s.

→ Get on a MountainSide Zipline (Al Baha)

Channel your inner superman by ziplining from Besat AlReeh to Raghadan Park.

Tel: +966-555777662


→ Traverse the Wall of Shadows (Tonamah)

The only mountain climbing crag open this summer.the Wall of Shadows in Tanomah offers a challenge to climbers of varying abilities.



→ Horseback Riding (Jeddah/Abha)

A lot of locals grew up riding horses as a past me, and the sport itself is ingrained within the country’s history. Have your try at it this summer.


→ Royalty Equestrian Club

Web: alfrosia.can


→ Scuba Diving and other water Sports at the Red Sea (Yanbu, Jeddah/Obhur)

What summer list is complete without diving? Vibrant and preserved coral reefs and pristine beaches, whether you’re snorkeling or scuba diving, you’ll be introduced to an underwater paradise.




→ Sand Bashing and Quad Bike Exploring (Tabukand Jeddah)

If you hit the dunes early in the morning or are in the cooler cities, you should be able to get on some 4x4s and quad bikes for an adrenaline rush that’s unique to the region. Look it up when you’re in Jeddah or Tabuk.


→ Cycle Alongside the Sea (Jeddah)

Rent a bike at one of the shops located close to the New Corniche and pedal away.


→ Work that Flower Crown! (Taif / Abha)

The flower crown Is handmade by local craftsmen and women in Taif and Abha and is worn by both sexes. They usually use faunas that are in-season.


→ Have an Artventure without Leaving your Car (Jeddah)

There are nearly 40 sculptures spread across the city of Jeddah, making it one of the biggest open art galleries in the world. Make it a trip and see if you can find all of them.


→ Hit Your Steps on the longest Pedestrian Bridge (Jeddah)

This lights up with starry-like lights in the evenings and gives you a spectacular view of the sunset. It’s also an amazing starting point for an early morning jog.


→ Bask in the Beauty of Al-Lith Island

Take a boat-ride detour to explore this hidden gem. Tucked away around the corner of Makkah, it centers around the Al-Lith mountain with glorious natural views, dear waters, and marine life.


→ Let Your Kids Get Creative at the Kids Lounge

A variety of arts and crafts projects await young visitors at this children centric cafe. They also have offerings for parents as they let their kids wander, learn, and play.


→ Sunset Picnics, the Local Way! (Jeddah/ Tabuk/Yanbu)

Want the real local experience? Buy a 3-riyal cup of tea and grab some fis fis from one of the stalls and just watch the waves.


→ Go Fishing at the Corniche and Waterfront! (Jeddah/ Yanbu/Tabuk)

In early mornings, you’ll find fishing enthusiasts hunch over the JWF rails waiting for a fresh catch. There’s a dedicated fishing pier too,  you’ll find vendors selling basic equipment if you decide to go on a whim.


→ Street Food Night Walks (Jeddah)

Through Al Balad, immerse yourself and discover the urban gastronomy of Jeddah and Hejazi culture at the historical district of Al Balad. Avoid the heat by conquering the cobblestone streets at night time. After all, we can be pretty nocturnal in Jeddah.


→ Go Karting, Pool, Archery (Jeddah)

If you don’t know what you feel Like doing. IN1050 has every option you can choose from. Between bowling, pool, arcade games, karting, archery, and laser maze, you would end up staying there for hours.

Location: Red Sea Mall, Mega Mall


→ Go on a Marine Adventure (Jeddah)

Head to Fakieh Aquarium and learn about the various fishes and sea creatures in the Kingdom. You can also watch a Dolphin Show, and don’t forget to say hello to the penguins.

Location: Next to AINawra, Opposite Theme Park, Corniche Rd.
Tel: +966-12-6066144

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

→ Board Game Nights (Jeddah)

Some days you just want to gather with family and friends and maybe unleash your competitive spirit.


→ Challenge Round Playspace

Location: AI Yamamah St, Jeddah
Tel: +966-555005735


→ Coffee and Art (Jeddah)

The local coffee scene is thriving in Jeddah and it marries nicely with this city’s affinity with art. Get a dose of both with these fusion establishments.


→ Eleven Art Gallery & Cafe (Jeddah)

Location: AlBsaten
Tel: +966-569508070


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