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Top Ramadan Bazaars You Need to Visit in Jeddah

Top Ramadan Bazaars You Need to Visit in Jeddah

Ramadan, the long-awaited holy month, has arrived, bringing with it the glow of lights, the joy of celebrations, and the bustling night markets and bazaars that everyone eagerly anticipates.


Whether you seek a leisurely walk with your family or wish to indulge in a diverse array of street food and explore cultural treasures, Destination has handpicked the ideal bazaars in Jeddah for you to experience and enjoy.


Al Balad 


The heart of Ramadan in Al Balad, where you’ll find cultural treasures and lively streets waiting to be explored. Enjoy the vibrant lights, taste the delicious street food, and shop at bustling markets in this historic area. With 30 different zones to explore, you can also take part in fun activities, join workshops, visit museums, and so much more. Al Balad is a must-visit spot during Ramadan with family and friends.




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Jeddah Art Promenade


Experience Ramadan by the sea, amidst one of Jeddah’s most popular bustling spots, the Jeddah Art Promenade, during its ‘Ramadaniyat’ nights. Starting this weekend, enjoy delicious food options, witness live cultural performances, take part in different activities and stroll through their market with many local brands. 


Location: Corniche St., Ash Shati Dist.

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Hayy Jameel 


Open till April 4, Hayy Jameel is hosting Ramadan Nights with a list of different activities each week of the beloved month. With much to discover and experience, Hayy Jameel invites you to try out all the delights and treats they have to offer and to take part in the many activities and workshops they have, for families and friends. 


Location: Arwa bint Abdulmuttalib St., Al Muhammadiyah Dist.

Instagram: hayyjameel

Top Ramadan Bazaars You Need to Visit in Jeddah

Homegrown Villa 


Running at different dates throughout the month, Homegrown brings you the Jasmine Pop-up and Aloula Pop-up for the month of Ramadan, each bringing you something unique and one-of-a-kind. The collections include a variety of handmade thobes, abayas, and home accessories. The Jasmine Pop-up is running till April 7, as for the Aloula Pop-up, it’s running between March 12 – 14. 



Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal St., Ar Rawdah Dist. 

Instagram: homegrown_market

Top Ramadan Bazaars You Need to Visit in Jeddah

Fanos Event


Enjoy the festive vibes of Fanos Nights! Taking place from March 20th to 23rd, explore a bustling bazaar filled with games, cafes, restaurants, and many different activities, perfect for families and friends. 


Location: King Abdulaziz Rd., Abhur Al Junoobiyah

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Aldanah Exhibition 


Known to host countless bazaars and exhibitions, the Hilton Hotel in Jeddah will be hosting the Aldanah Exhibition from 27th to 29th of March. The event will include multiple offerings; from delectable food options such sandwiches, coffee and more, to valuable charming collectibles and clothes. 


Location: Al Kurnaysh Br. Rd., Ash Shati Dist.

Instagram: aldanah_exhibition

Top Ramadan Bazaars You Need to Visit in Jeddah


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