Top New Gadgets to Look Out For!

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There are constantly updates in the market when it comes to new technologies, so here are some gadgets that you might want to consider having!

HP Sprout – 3D Scanner:

Now available at Jarir Bookstore, the HP Sprout is a brilliant innovation in the digital scanning world! It comes with an HD touch screen, a touch mat, and the ‘Illuminator’ that is the 3D camera that senses 2D and 3D objects through sensing them on the touch pad. Revolutionizing scanning technology, it allows users to scan all sorts of objects and incorporate them into software such as 3Ds Max for enhanced designing. The best part is that you can now do all this within the comfort of your home.


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iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus:

An addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the latest phones on the Apple market. With 3D touch, a higher resolution camera and faster performance, the iPhone 6s is definitely a useful upgrade from the iPhone 6.


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Microsoft Surface Book:

Entering into the laptop world, the Microsoft Surface Book is an awesome new sleek design! With the latest Windows 10 software and bendable surface, the Surface Book is the laptop to own if you want the ultimate Windows experience. It comes with a pen for precision drawing and note taking on the touch screen.


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The Selfie Drone:

Selfies have actually become outdated by the all new ‘Dronie’ which gives you a chance to take the ultimate selfie with a panoramic video view of yourself! For this, you’ll need to get yourself a personal drone which is available online. To take a selfie, you just attach the camera to the drone, and you’re ready to be a part of the Dronie world!


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Pet Cube:

The all new Pet Cube is an innovative way of keeping a watchful eye on your pets at home when you’re out. You can now leave your pets for longer periods without having to worry about them getting super messy or objecting themselves to danger. It consists of a 138 degree wide angle camera, iOS and Android compatibility, built in speaker and microphone, built in class laser, and a light weight aluminum cover. You can also access pets around the world through the Pet Cube app if you don’t have your own pet yet. It is a great way to interact with the cute furry beings around the world!


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Logbar’s Ring ZERO:

The Ring ZERO is a new smart ring that allows you to gesture and make your digital life easier. All you need to do is put on the ring on your index finger, and the LED sensors do their magic. It is a great input device that you can use to take selfies without having to hold your phone, play music and access any technological device with just a point of the finger, even if you can’t touch the object. It also enhances the gaming experience if used with video featured gaming consoles.


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Self – Balancing Wheel/Electric Scooter:

You may have been seeing these around town lately. The self-balancing wheel or electric scooter (as some like to call it) is an all new Segway experience. Available through many Instagram sellers, you can now ride and glide around town by balancing yourself on the scooter. It was something that primarily gained popularity within celebrities, but it didn’t take long before people around the world wanted to own an electric scooter for themselves! It’s all about the balance!


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