Top 6 Things We Miss About Ramadan

It’s been almost two weeks since the month of Ramadan ended. A blink of an eye and it has become part of our past.

Here’s a list of things we miss the most about Ramadan:

The peace and ambience of the month


We sure miss the emaan rush moments, the atmosphere of goodness and mercy that enveloped us. Let me tell you something, if you continue even the half of the good actions, you can keep the Ramadan hype alive in you.

Ramadan brings the family much closer.


It’s a time for family and friends to get together and have iftar.

Sharing Food


Ramadan teaches us the spirit of sharing and giving more. Offering food in Ramadan has extra virtue due to the nobility of the time. Also, preparing food for the needy has a special excitement as it’s from the best rewarding actions.

The Yummy iftars


Nothing beats the taste of all the special iftar treats.


Short working hours


This is one of the perks of Ramadan that the working people enjoy. In Saudi and other Muslim countries, office work hours during the month of Ramadan are reduced and it’s made easier to work when fasting.

The sweetness of worship


This is what we miss the most. The sweetness and delight we experienced in the closeness to Allah, talking to Him, praying, the connection with the Qur’an and the list is never ending.

The believer misses four things after Ramadan: fasting, qiyam al-layl, duʿa and reciting the Qur’an. However, the one whom Allah grants tawfiq can continue by having the right intention, determination and proper planning. ~ Kamil Ahmad

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