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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Top 5 Things to Do in AlMultaka

Top 5 Things to Do in AlMultaka
We decided to spend a day in one of Riyadh’s very first women centers in the city and discovered what makes Multaka a one-stop haven for ladies.

1. Get Active in their state of the art Gym

Whether you’re into high intensity, let’s beast it out kind of workouts, or the let’s groove and dance our way into fitness type; there’s bound to be a class for your at AlMultaka. Their class schedule has done well in giving variety to its members and we approve.

DR NEWS: The AlMultaka gym has opened a new branch at Bustan Compound.


2. Chillax and rejuvenate at the Slimming Spa

After a solid training session, pamper yourself! The Ayurveda treatments are amazing and they even have massages for expecting moms. We go to try a hybrid of the hot stone and Balinese massage as well as reflexology and an Indian head massage (our editor admittedly slept through some of it, who wouldn’t?)

Top 5 Things to Do in AlMultaka

3. Have high tea at the Fountainebleue

Spend your afternoons having conversations with friends over coffee, tea and yummy desserts. With the beautiful weather we’re having, you’re bound to love the alfresco seating area at AlMultaka— breathe in some lovely fresh air.


4. Discover priceless memorabilia, historically significant artifacts and rare art pieces at their Cultural center

Any place that has vintage and culture housed is awesome in our books. Be prepared to stumble upon artifacts and an extensive art collection here that comes from all over the world.


5. Have a makeover at the L’Oreal Salon

Gel manicures, save-your-hair dyeing treatments and perfect bridal makeup; the salon is a girl’s beauty secret. The staff is highly trained and all of the products are brought in from L’Oreal directly.


Tel: +966 11 478 3388
Facebook: @almultakaLadiesCenter
Instagram and twitter: AlMultaka


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