Top 5 Ramadan and Eid DIYS From Pinterest

There’s no better time to get festive and make memories with the kids than Ramadan and Eid. We’ve compiled a list of quick and pretty DIYs to decorate your home with this month. It’s never too late to celebrate.

1. This beautiful moon piñata:

Collage Pretend moon-sighting binoculars


The kids will spend lots of happy hours gluing on the fringe and while you’re at it why not fill it with lots of Eid candy.

2. Pretend moon-sighting binoculars:

Screen Shot 1437-08-29 at 9


How cute are these? Not to mention, tons and tons of fun. This will also make the perfect keepsake for the holiday and will be an excellent tool for teaching the kids different moon phases.


3. Printable Eid gift tags:



Make your Eid gifts extra special this year by including these gift tags. So much fun to decorate and so pretty to look at.


4. This colorful banner:

Screen Shot 1437-08-29 at 9


There are tons of great Ramadan and Eid banners on Pinterest, but this one is by far the most colorful.


5. Star-studded hallway:

Screen Shot 1437-08-29 at 10

Imagine walking into this every day during Ramadan. Absolutely dreamy!

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