Top 5 Breakfast Places

By Duha AlHosainy

The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I think of what I should have for breakfast…and this list will help you decide where to go, each one suitable for every occasion!


The ideal high-end French breakfast place, for those who have a taste for expensive stuff.

Featured dish: French Toast (that was probably made in the heavens and delivered to us)
Price range: $$$$$



Light on the stomach, good for the soul. A healthy fresh breakfast, with a Turkish twist.

Featured dish: Halloumi with Zaatar.
Price range: $$$


Appetit kitchen

Whether you want to have breakfast in the morning or the afteenoon, Apetit will provide.

Features dish: Eggs benedict
Price range: $$$$



Greasy fatty American breakfast for those who want a hearty breakfast.

Featured dish: French Toast.
Price range: $$$



For a fast, delicious, money-friendly breakfast, this is the go-to restaurant.

Featured dish: Kudo breakfast (order extra hash brown, you can thank me later.)
Price range: $


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