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Tons Of Living Room Inspiring Ideas

Tons Of Living Room Inspiring Ideas
By Aroosa Khan

Here are inspirational ways to make your space sparkle and style the heart of your home.

1. Add some coated slabs of stoned marble to the walls at the entrance of your room, instantly creating a fascinating contrast along with some dramatic lighting adding a vast and wild soothing feel to your bedroom.

coated slabs of stoned marble

2. Use shelves as spotlights for your decorations. Usually shelves get too crammed up with decorations and thus loose the feel of attention in the bedroom, but if you utilize them the right way. They can bring your decorations to the fore.


3. If you already have shelves in your living room, add more vibrance to them by adding a splash of color! It is impossible to spot the colorful combination that makes your living room even more interesting.


4. Shelves are also strategic means to solve decorative issues in smaller homes, by hiding cabinets behind shelves you solve two storage problems. Sometimes making your shelves into a staircase, or hiding it with a painting above. My personal favorite is utilizing space and converting what you have into a greater.

living room Collage

5. Different dimensions could be just the style idea that you’ve been thinking of, but wouldn’t dare to implement in your home. But, by utilizing the space available and creating a multi-purpose corner through stylish design, a home can be attractive and eye catching too.


6. Take advantage of those forgotten corners of your home by adding some fascinating and fantastic shelves, this will instantly upgrade your interior, especially when you add a floral arrangement or two.

Screen Shot 1437-11-19 at 11


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