To Infiniti and Beyond!

Photo by Shaker Samargandi Photo by Shaker Samargandi

Cruising in the realm of dreams coming true.

“The known is finite, the unknown is infinite.” – Thomas Henry Huxley.

Delving straight into the enigma and infinity of the unknown, a group of adventurous elite artists and globetrotters lead by Moath Al Ofi and Rashed Al Shashai went on a cultural and exploratory expedition, discovering heirlooms of Saudi’s past. These locations are currently off the map for the sake of conservation, however, they are to be publicly revealed when deemed appropriate by the team. “I like to keep all my senses engaged, following any lead that would take me straight to the glory of uncharted lands. There’s an unparallelled thrill that accompanies the revelation of such beautiful sites. The findings will be portrayed via different art mediums soon,” Moath expressed.

Photo by Shaker Samargandi

Photo by Shaker Samargandi

Answering to the group’s ambitions, dreams, and lifelong passion for pursuing the Kingdom’s hidden wonders, Universal Premium Motors Agencies (UMA Premium) – Infiniti’s local automotive dealer –  facilitated the experience, providing them with the exceptional Infiniti 2019 QX80 model for the road. UMA Premium is an esteemed organization that values high-end vehicles, top customer and after sales services, and aims to constantly provide a paramount driving experience in the Kingdom; exactly matching the demands of this excursion.

Photo by Shaker Samargandi

Photo by Shaker Samargandi

The coterie took comfort in the QX80’s luxurious and spacious cabin as they travelled up the winding and arduous road en route to Taif from Jeddah on day one. It’s corner hugging ability made road sickness a problem of the past; with not a minute to waste, visiting Shubra Palace and camping in the desert was enjoyed to the fullest that day. Climbing Al Shada Al A’la granite massif in Al Baha was next on the bucket list. Vultures were spotted circling high in the sky above, and scattered endemic wildlife was appreciated at the reserve. With a powerful 5.6-liter V8 engine driving both axles, and 400 @ 5800 RPM horsepower, the beast QX80 performed quintessentially, and taking on tough terrains was a breeze. After a one night chill stay at Al Namas, the voyagers sought destination Abha the following day for what remained of the one-week trip. To their luck, Al Soudah festival Season was in full effect at the time. Finally, the trip came to a conclusion with a stop by Rijal Alma’ Village, a historical heritage site surrounded by fortresses.

Photo by Moath Al Of!

Photo by Moath Al Of!

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – John Lennon. Hand in hand, Infiniti and the creatives turned young dreams into blooming realities, exploring the mysteries of raw and unseen southern Saudi landscapes. The QX80 crushed the challenge. Afterall, genius is the infinite capacity for taking pains.

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