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Tips to Read More

Tips to Read More

Look carefully around you. You will see an increased appreciation for books and reading. This is all great news but you might feel left behind because you don’t read much!

Which is why this article is the perfect place for you! Reading is one of the best habits one can have because it actively involves your brain and higher cognitive functions. Basically, it keeps your brain busy and productive.

The following are tips you can use to read more:

1. Take a trip to Jarir or Virgin Megastores.

These are the hotspots from where you can purchase English books in Saudi Arabia. Pick an empty evening and spend your time strolling through the shelves. You will surely find something that suits your fancy.


2. Choose something new and exciting.

Choose a genre which is a new territory for you. Go for a murder mystery or war fiction like All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Or pick up a book by a writer of a different culture like Haruki Murakami or Neil Mukherjee.


3. Safe Choice: Books that won awards.

It’s usually a safe bet to pick books which have received prizes for fiction like the Man Booker Prize or Pulitzer Prize. In fact, even a nomination is a thing of prestige. So if you see something that’s got a sticker on top that says it was nominated or won a prize, pick it up and see!


4. Dedicate time for reading.

You need to set aside at least half an hour every day for reading. Find the time that suits you best!


5. Read before bed.

This is an excellent way to unwind before you fall asleep. Read for 10-15 minutes before lights out. If you find yourself in the ‘Just one more chapter…’ situation, it means you’re a certified book lover! Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


6. Read in the car.

This one is especially for you ladies! Probably the best thing about women not driving is all the free time it gives us for doing other stuff. I read during the hour it takes me to commute to my university and I actually get a lot of reading done. Next time you’re in the car with the driver, take out a book and enjoy!


7. Do a ‘Read Along’ with your book loving friend.

Read Alongs are all the buzz in the online and offline Bookworm community. In simple terms it is two or more people choosing the same book and setting a deadline before which they need to finish reading it. The best thing about Read Alongs is that you get to discuss the book, all spoilers inclusive, once you hit the finish line!


8. Join a book club!

Booklovers uniting is a seriously awesome thing. Not only do you get to talk about books but you also get recommendations and inspiration to read more! Jeddah’s all-female bookclub, The Literary Girls, is back in action and we do monthly meetups! You could join us or an online bookclub like WeTheBookDragons on Instagram or something just as cool on


9. Start a Goodreads account.

Goodreads is every booklover essential guide to new books, other books, hated books, loved books, confusing books and more! It’s like Facebook but for bookworms! You can track and update your reading progress, rate and review books or give recommendations to others. Goodreads can really motivate you to read more once you get to see what your friends are up to!


10. Share your love for books.

Whether it’s a #Shelfie, a picture of the book you’re reading or a Facebook status or tweet about your favourite book – you need to share it online! Take pride in your reading and share it with the world. Other people getting inspired by you is sometimes motivation for yourself.


11. Ebooks exist, you have no excuses.

If you can’t find the exact book you want to read don’t go off and complain! Get an ebook version and fulfil your bookish craving.


12. It’s all about your priority.

You need to make reading your priority. If you’d rather spend the entire weekend shopping or eating out instead of spending a few hours reading then it shows that you’re not that into it. Prioritise and when making plans keep in mind your reading schedule!


13. Understand the benefits.

Reading has crazy amounts of benefits! From improving your language to make you a better person – reading does it all!


14. Focus on a goal.

Give yourself a reading goal every month and year! I, personally, have read 58 books this year and only two of them are Young Adult fiction (YA fiction is usually very easy to go through). The rest are serious books about serious topics. I set a goal every month and I work towards it. Do the same!


15. Carry a book with you.

You never know when you’ll get the opportunity to read! Never leave your book at home!


16. Embrace the world of audio books.

Not many people realise how amazing audiobooks can be for someone who is trying to get into the reading habit! Listen to it during your workout or when you don’t feel like reading from the book. Audio books are a great way to improve focus and concentration.

Reading takes you to many different worlds. Embrace it and make it a part of your every day life.


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