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Timeless Pieces for Men

Dear men. This is a gentle reminder from your loving sister to clean yourselves up.

The best part of men’s clothing is that you don’t need that much to make it work. You literally have everything you need to look good in your closet as we speak! There’s just one problem with it. The key to men’s clothing, which can mean the difference between chic and bleak, is the fit.

Tailor fitting your clothes is the best way to ensure style. Relax, it’s not as hard as you think it is. You don’t have to tailor fit your t-shirts, but thobes and suits are a must.


edited-timelesspieces-styleandshopping-september-fashion-nf7A good suit is bound to make an impact. It might be initially pricey, but its versatility is worth it. A tailored suit can literally take you from a meeting to a night out, just take off the tie, roll up your pants and you’re out the door!

DR Tips

  • Stick to the basic colors like grey, black or blue if it’s your first suit.
  • Skinny ties are the perfect companions to a fit suit.
  • Be bold with the colors of your ties or shirts.


timelesspieces-styleandshopping-september-fashion-nf4Thobes are a staple in a Saudi closet, but for goodness sake do not buy cheap thobes! We’re not asking you to break the bank, but the right material does come at a price. Just like a suit, a well-tailored thobe can be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn, and still manage to turn heads.timelesspieces-styleandshopping-september-fashion-nf5

DR Tips

  • Cuff links are important in an all white outfit. Pick something strong but simple. – Avoid bedazzling.
  • The shmagh is to the thobe what the tie is to the suit.
  • The mirzam, that little bend in the shmagh right above the forehead, should be neat.

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