This Is What Happens When A Bird Hits The Nose Of A Plane

By Mohammed Mirza

Disclaimer: If you are one of those are afraid of flying, please don’t continue reading.

When we think of airplanes we think of strong and sturdy flying machines that are able to resist high levels of air resistance and pressure.  So what happens when an aircraft gets hit right in the nose by a bird? A Boeing 737-88 recently got hit in the nose by a bird and the end result has got social media abuzz.


Photo Credit: @FlightReport

During landing, Turkish Airlines flight TK2004, a domestic flight traveling from Istanbul to Nevşehir in Turkey was hit by a bird and apparently the incident caused this.


Photo Credit: FlightReport

According to a report by Flight Report on their twitter account, the aircraft has been fixed and is back in the air.

Cover Photo Credit: FlightReport

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