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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Things You Should Never Stop Telling Your Loved Ones

Things You Should Never Stop Telling Your Loved Ones
In every person’s life there is someone – mother, father, spouse, sibling or friend – who they love with all their heart. It is a human tendency to love without bounds and it’s easily the most beautiful thing a person can have in their life!

Those we love hold a very special place in our heart. Here are some things you should never stop telling them or doing for them:

1. The three simple words.

Here is your starting point. You love them. Why not tell them? In our Arab and Desi culture we often shy away from telling them we love them. It shouldn’t be this way! ‘I love you’ is as harmless as it can get.


2. ‘I appreciate everything you do.’

Our moms cook for hours or put our life in order. Our fathers work hard to make our lives comfortable. Tell them how much you value and appreciate their efforts.


3. ‘Let me make breakfast for you.

Do this for your siblings! They will feel loved. Men extend this gesture of love towards your wife, she will love you all the more for it!


4. ‘Let’s go for a walk.’

Walking can be a really great way to bond and spend time with them! And it’s good for your mind, body and soul!


5. ‘I’m thankful to have you.’

Tell this to your parent, sibling or spouse and see the way their face will light up! If you think about it, your life would have been crazy different if the person you adore was not in it! So tell them you’re thankful you have them and they will probably feel the same way too.


6. ‘Free hug for you!’

Hug your parents, siblings and other loved ones whenever you can. Hugs are scientifically proven to make a person feel better! If you’re a Mom then you already know just how much your child loves it when you hug him/her!


7. ‘Check out this kitten video!’

Because who doesn’t love kittens?! And videos of kittens are secretly why the internet was put into existence!


8. A random surprise.

Give them a random present! It could be a box of chocolates or something they would love like a book, tshirt or even coffee mug! You don’t have to spend too much money on it. In fact, pluck a flower if you see it and give it to them!


9. Share your interest with them.

If you love looking at pictures of waterfalls or mountains or baby animals, show it to them too! If you’re passionate about a subject or a topic, involve them in a discussion and tell you what you think.


10. Involve them.

If you’re ever in need of advice or opinions don’t hesitate to ask them for it! Believe it or not, most of us turn to Google instead of our parent or spouse when we need help with something.


11. Ask them about their day.

This is honestly not just for your kids. You have to show similar interest towards your parents, siblings, spouse and friends. You may not realise just how badly they were hoping to talk about their day, especially if there is something on their mind!


12. Never stop praying.

This is probably the most important item on the list. Never stop making dua for your loved ones. Always ask Allah the Merciful to make their lives better, to make them happier and to shower their life with blessings!


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