Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Things to Do in Riyadh for SR 20 or Less

Things to Do in Riyadh for SR 20 or Less

Here’s how you can have fun and relax in Riyadh without putting a dent in your pocket.

Disclaimer: This obviously doesn’t include gas money (but even if it does, you’re looking at SR 5-10 extra).

1. See the World

Okay, maybe we’re overstretching it—you can see most of the famous landmarks as miniatures at the World Sights Park. Take a stroll, have a picnic, buy some corn in a cup with the extra change.

Budget: 10 SR for the ticket for adults, kids get in for free.

Get to the World Sights Park


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2. Go Wogging

Whether in a mall or on the walkways around town. We like Panorama mall and Nakheel mall because of the circular set up of the place. We would recommend going during the off-peak hours (mornings are the best) so there’s less chance of foot traffic disrupting your walkathon. If either malls are too far, make the most of the wonderful weather— there’s a park or walkway in almost every district.

Budget: Free for as long as you don’t end up entering a store (if you do, that’s all on you.)

The Best Jogging SPots in Riyadh


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3. Go to the National Museum

Learn about Saudi Arabia, discover cool artifacts, watch the unification of the Kingdom at the theatre and just spend hours getting lost in history.

Budget: SR 10 for the ticket, kids get in for free.

Get to the National Museum



4. Head up the Riyadh Water Tower

The water tower is one of the almost forgotten but shouldn’t be landmarks in Riyadh. Long before there was Faisaliah and Al Mamlaka, this was where people to see the city from above. Today, the viewing deck is still open and you can bring some snacks with you or buy some from the shacks below.

Budget: SR 5 entrance in the park, SR 5 to go up the water tower. The rest is for your snacks.

Get to the Riyadh Water Tower



5. Fly a Kite at Thumama

For windy days, head to Thumama and you’re bound to see vendors at the side of the road selling kites. Then you can just park your car by the dunes, assemble and fly a kite.

Budget: SR 5 -10 for a kite.

Get to the Thumamah National Park



Know more cheap and fun tips? Share it with us on the comments below.


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