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The White Rose of Event Planning

An eventful interview with a trio of passionate planners.

When and how did you get started with Rose Blanche and event design?

Rose Blanche was created by the three of us: Reem Alabdulhadi, Abdulaziz Alhashani and Rinan Farhat. The catalyzing event for us was Alabdulhadi and Alhashani’s wedding. Between our planning of the wedding itself and Farhat’s planning of the surprise bridal shower, we all uncovered a deep passion for event design, planning and hosting.


Is there a story behind the name “Rose Blanche?”

Something about French culture, language and eloquence brings music to our ears. Rose Blanche means White Rose, which represents purity, true love and is also commonly known to be the typical wedding flower.


How does Rose Blanche work to bring together the perfect event?

Our local culture is centered on strong social connections and family bonding, so Rose Blanche is strategically built around that.

We do not just simply design for our clients, but rather try to understand the depth and interests of their dreams and imagination to inspire our mood boards and events details. We are all about customization and ensuring that our events are a reflection of our client’s desires and personality.


We crave the challenge of transforming any event into a gala experience and bringing it together within a time crunch. We take care of invitation cards, event furniture, dining tables, flower arrangements, lighting and favors.

We challenge our creative minds and open our hearts to reach the ultimate level of perfection.


What are some of the important elements of the perfect Rose Blanche event?

We love to work with a client’s most intimate venue, their home, and bring everything our resources have to offer to create a memorable and cherished event.

Rose Blanche’s core work is flowers and the art of arranging them. Flowers have a certain way of transforming regular places into a more whimsical and natural space. They are nature’s jewels and we like to not only accessorize our designs with flowers, but make them the focal point of any event.

Above all else, we frame our work to meet the client’s satisfaction. We are well aware of the weight of such events on our client’s life and we value that. We go beyond our efforts to make ends meet and hear that sigh of satisfaction from clients.


What kind of events do you arrange? Who should contact Rose Blanche?

Rose Blanche designs an array of events such as bridals, engagement parties, baby showers, receptions, graduations, birthdays and corporate events, as well as simple dinner arrangements.

We have an itching urge to impress any guests coming over and we like to serve that urge.


Mob: +966-540775605

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