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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Ultimate Highs: Mountain Climbing in Saudi

The Ultimate Highs: Mountain Climbing in Saudi

Conquer the Wall of Shadows this Summer at Tanomah.

Tanomah is quickly becoming a must-visit destination for limbers. The rock is easily accessible and provides a comfortable camping site for those who wish to stay for longer periods.

The weather stays cool and favorable all year in the summer at 2,000m altitude, with different options for sun and shade coverage.

The wall of Shadows is located in the Al Sharaf park, just ten minutes from the center of Tanomah, and it only takes a ten-minute walk from the first crag and parking/camping area.

Equipping at the Wall of Shadows was undertaken by the Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation during the second phase of the Saudi Bolting Project in 2019. The team consisted of the project leader and author, Read Macadam, Mountain Guide Piergiorgio Lotito, and accomplished climber Alex Ruscior along with Federation’s board member and climber Abdulrahman Alabdu. The team managed to equip 40 pitches.

The stone at Wall of Shadows is solid sandstone with magnificent granite and quartzite infusions. The climbing differs from initial carg, Al Sharaf, in that it is entirely in the shade and therefore comfortable to climb all day and year-around.

The style of climbing at Wall of Shadows ranges from immaculate slabs to steep physical climbing on pockets. Because it is in the shade, moss, and lichen grown quite quickly. Please bring your brush to keep the lichen at bay, as well as to brush your excess chalk.


The Tanomah Wall of Shadows Crag is open this summer for visitors, all other crags for this period are closed. Access the complete guide to it on


Mountain climbing is a thrilling sport that should be done with proper training and guidance. Do not attempt on your own; seek the assistance of local tour guides to ensure a safe adventure.




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