The Techpreneur: Mohamad Almunajem, 22

Mohamad obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the London School of Commerce, and later, his Master’s degree in Economics and Marketing.

Upon returning to Saudi in 2016, he noticed that there was a need for a place that connects service providers with consumers, which led him to create the app Daleni, a marketplace for services.

The app debuted in 2016, and by August 2017, it was a fully functional platform that provided home services, by connecting service providers with customers. Daleni focuses on bringing high-demand home services to every household, with ease of mobile technology.

The services that are offered include barbers, makeup artists and hairstylists; in addition to house cleaning, furniture moving, and garden designing. The service providers can either be companies, or individuals. Mohamad worked on software and tech that allows the app to successfully predict what services consumers are looking for (and can’t easily find). After launching in Bahrain this year, Daleni partnered with Ukrainian company Qarea to expand and make the app available in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mohamad admits that he has a long way to go in mastering the tech industry and gaining experience, despite his educational background in Economics. He is also, however, a risk-taker, always ready with a plan to reach his goals. He looks up to his father as his role model, along with Mark Zuckerberg, whose tech and entrepreneurial acumen is now legend.

Instagram: msimba_

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