The Story: Jeddah Youth Football Club

Jeddah Youth Football Club.

Abdullah Dow is a hardworking businessman, a passionate footballer, and a team leader. During his studies in the United States, he discovered the passion for managing and teaching youth football clubs. So he took the initiative to undergo courses and get certified, all while continuing his degree.

After finishing with his studies, Abdullah returned to the kingdom with the hope of implementing what he learned. He opened up Jeddah Youth Football Club (JYFC), then Clear Shampoo (Unilever) teamed up with them as sponsors of the club. With this collaboration, Abdullah achieved his goals, and together with Clear Shampoo, they have accomplished great deeds.img_1181

One of their most notable accomplishments is that they went to underprivileged neighborhoods and sponsored the children there, by bringing them to the academy, and teaching them what the academy focuses on. Team building, developing ethics, leadership skills, and developing necessary social skills for the children to grow up and become community leaders in their neighborhoods. As well as providing them
with the necessary equipment such as shoes, uniforms and training gear. img_1161

JYFC is about building a healthy environment for our children, to bring the best out of them. It helps deal with their emotions in a healthy way, whilst giving attention to their diet and physical fitness. They hope to have greater accomplishments in the near feature.

Mob: +966-556688234
Instagram: JY_FC

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