Abdullah Al Hussain – Combining Art with Architecture

Where light and shadow meet art and architecture.

Abdullah Al Hussain is one of Sharqiya’s most promising emerging artists. He talks about his work with passion, but what sets him apart is his obsession with precision. This is a result of his educational background; an architecture graduate of King Saud University with a Master’s in Construction Management from San Francisco, Abdullah’s art is a blend of architectural accuracy with a cultural touch.

True to his architectural side, Abdullah designed a piece that he uses as the foundation for all his artwork. Inspired by the branch of a tree, the piece that he calls his “alphabet” is made up of complex but balanced lines. He wanted something flexible, signature and organic that could be used as the base for all his artwork.


Next, Abdullah wanted to create something interactive without using technology. After brainstorming for months, he tried out a technique that cuts space out of a thick canvas. He tested the piece out in his apartment for two months, monitoring the effects of light and shadow.

Taking it a step further, he decided to make his work reflect his identity and culture by adding traditional Arabic calligraphy. Entwined with his simple, signature work that uses no colors whatsoever, the overall effect is bound to leave its marks on the Kingdom’s art history for its cultural representation with a modern twist.

To truly understand his work and its value, it’s crucial to go and see the artwork yourself, currently displayed in Desert Designs Art Gallery. Hearing Abdullah narrate the stories of his canvas will add to the experience.

A former gallery manager at Desert Designs, Abdullah admits that he owes a lot to this place: “I love working with the Bukhari family. They gave me the stage to implement my vision as an artist in the Kingdom.”Children's-Cancer-Hospital-2

He left the gallery to start working at a construction company where he could give time to his true passion – architecture. His graduation project and most-prized design was a children’s hospital focused on recreational activities. Abdullah designed it to be built with Lego-shaped bricks, equipped with an outdoor playground and linked to a nearby park. His teachers even urged him to get a patent for this design.

His ultimate dream is to see the hospital built for children and have tons of buildings around the world in his signature style.

Instagram: abdullh.alhussain / abdullh.alhussain2
Email: abdullh.alhussain@gmail.com
Location: Desert Designs Art Gallery, King Abdullah St., Al Khobar

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