The Secret Ingredient: F U N

The element of “fun” is not only beneficial in conducting an enjoyable social enterprise, but also a successful one.


As a social entrepreneur we hope you double majored in business and good humor. Not everyone has the stomach to look social problems dead in the eye; most of us avoid what we do not like. We decide to tilt our head away from the view to look at something prettier. But a social entrepreneur has the easy outgoing character to tackle them. Their good sense of humor aids them to face obstacles and not feel down or defeated. They probably chuckle at the problem, sigh and shake their head, then pick up a notebook and start planning towards a solution. Take it easy and keep your good spirits high!

Don’t forget the evil laugh, it’ll be useful when your enterprise makes it in face of adversity.

Psst, Did you know? A good sense of humor is also needed by anyone existing on planet earth. Science has proven it can prolong lifespan.

Imagine, Sir! Oh, Just Imagine

You know whom we root for? That kid who drew outside the lines even when the teacher didn’t give him a gold star for that, and still he did it again. Social entrepreneurs looked around, and using their imagination they saw opportunity in the midst of problems and drew beyond the boundaries of critics and social norms. Their favorite sharpies are called innovation and visualization. And, when it’s show time in front of investors and clients, they convey their art of solutions using their public speaking skills.

When creating an impactful and sustainable solution, you’ll also need to be a skilful brainstorm-er. Brainstorming sessions have made the best of us go blank, however a leading social entrepreneur creates a creative-juice inducing atmosphere for brainstorming. It’d be a place with bean bags, lots of paper, a variety of colors, and other than the usual bullet points, you have to draw your ideas. Yes, stickmen are useful to businesses! Some leaders would even take the employees out to field visits that would inspire them, while some have gone far enough to invite children over to brainstorm. Children are yet to understand the social limits, when you give them a social problem their hyper imagination can dazzle you.

The Family Tree

An effective social enterprise relies on the team. A great leader wants diversity in his employees; celebrating different opinions will create new perspectives and demand our thinking to push beyond the customary. He/she treats the team as a family. As a result of close ties with employees, you’ll gain loyalty and better work quality. Additionally, to keep a lively office and healthy competition between colleagues there would be entertaining challenges like a weekly mystery to solve, themed days of the month.

A happy team is a successful team!

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