The Roaming Palate: Eman Gazzaz

Photography by Lujain Mirza

An explorer at heart, Eman Gazzaz has traveled the world for most of her life, only to come back to Saudi Arabia in 2002 and discover that the true wonders are right in her home country.

Eman has found a way to showcase the true essence and culture of Saudi by highlighting the vast diversity of its regions through culture, behavior, attire, and even folklore, with the most prominent indicator being the food.

Eman first gained recognition when a friend’s Youtube channel featured her to showcase a few Saudi dishes, which led to her current social media prominence. She has since learned even more about her country through her followers and the places she has visited.

Focusing primarily on showcasing Saudi food since the start of her journey, she turned the Covid-19 international travel restrictions into an opportunity to explore her own country gastronomically. Through her travels to Al Baha,  Al Jouf, AlUla, and more, she discovered that these areas have stunning unique experiences.

Eman aims to discover her own culture while simultaneously raising awareness about how genuinely exceptional the country is, and how traveling in the country is just as, if not more, exciting.

Eman believes that the richness of an area is through the traditions, history, and food consumed. That is where one’s authentic culture can be found.

Instagram:  saudifoodeman

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