Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Reality of the Fast and Furious Life of Jeddah

The Reality of the Fast and Furious Life of Jeddah

Eyad Shawli, putting the “s for safety” in speed.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a partner at Al Shawli Real Estate Developers, an entrepreneur, a financial and money market investor and I’m crazy about super motors.

What started your interest in super motors?

My older brother, Eihab, also a super motor enthusiast, bought me my first bike – a dirt bike. That was the turning point. I am thankful to him.

IMG_6490What Jeddah clubs have you joined?

The RedRiders Jeddah Club; we’re about 30 members. We ride every Friday/Saturday morning and we travel abroad for tracks: Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain mostly. A few months back, we traveled to Mugello, Italy for the Ducati Racing Experience (DRE). There’s also the Motorcross group – it’s essentially dirt biking, an adrenaline-rush adventure full of stunting in the dunes. There is also the well-organized Harley Davidson group.

IMG_6489For cars, my brother and I are fortunate to own Ferraris, so we joined the Ferrari Owners Club, which was officialized by Italy HQ recently. There is also the newly established Supercars Club Jeddah, which any supercar owner can join – perfect for meeting other enthusiasts.

IMG_4132Are the groups open to everyone?

Yes, but we have strict rules and regulations; we have high standards for the riding style and protective gear.

(1116)What are the benefits of joining clubs?

They’re great for networking; you meet a lot of important people, different nationalities, professions, etc.

IMG_6751What advice would you give to other riders?

If you are fortunate and able to go abroad for tracks, put all your energy into doing that. Don’t take it to the streets. We all know someone who has been affected by an accident; it’s tragic. Think of your family; there is no need to be reckless for the thrill of a few seconds. If you spend a little extra on protective gear, it is worth it.

IMG_9451What would you like to see improve?

P4S_0288-(2)“Riders must wear helmets, gloves, boots and full leather suits. There are many different brands but I recommend Alpinestars and Dianesse for leather suits and AGV, Bell and Arai for helmets. You can find them online at” – Eyad Shawli

RedRiders Jeddah and MotorCross:
Instagram: redridersjed / eshawli

Ferrari Owners Club:
Showroom: Fast Auto Technic Co. Ltd, Madina Rd.
Tel: 920003727
Harley Davidson Club:
Showroom: Al Andalus Rd.
Supercars Club Jeddah:
Instagram: Hassaan.Abdeen / eshawli
The Bike shop (Ducati Dealer):
Instagram: Thebikeshops / yaseenbashmail
Store: Sari St. (opening soon)


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