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The Racer: Reem Al Aboud, 19

Reem has been passionate about driving cars and karting from a very young age.

She always aspired to follow her father’s footsteps, as he used to be a racer himself. Her love and passion took her through the years on a journey of practice and improvement, until she had the opportunity of becoming the first Saudi female to drive the Formula E car Gen2 at the Ad Diriyah Circuit in Riyadh on the 16th of December._dsc3066

Reem is currently an Advertising and Creative Design student at The University of Business and Technology. She believes that success comes from facing challenges, and learning to overcome them. She plans to improve on her skills; until she becomes the racer she aspires to be, and to represent Saudi in podiums worldwide.

She recently participated in the Saudi Timebreak Championship in Riyadh and managed to win 1st place during the second and third rounds.

Competing with drivers that have more experience and years of practice is one such challenge that she intends to overcome by believing in herself and her bilities.

Receiving a lot of support from her father is her primary motivation; he’s always encouraged her to never be afraid of trying something new.

Instagram: reemthamerr

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