The Power of Kalimat in Sharqiya

By Noura Al Joaib
Photography by Alzahra Aldawood
A literary oasis for women in Sharqiya.

Stemming from a shared love for the written word and seeking others of their kind, co-founders Anfal Al Hammad and Haifa Al Owain established their very own book club back in 2014.

Like any conventional book club, monthly meetings took place to discuss a book that was chosen in advance. A typical meeting started off with introductions, particularity if first-timers were in attendance, followed by an introduction of the chosen book and the author behind it. Afterwards, the members engaged in a riveting discussion, exploring the themes of the book, its relevance and its impact on the readers.


After gaining momentum and attracting more members, Anfal and Haifa knew it was time to give budding writers a place to discuss their own literary works. So they decided to branch out further by introducing the book club’s sister counterpart: a writing club. Writing assignments were given out on a bi-monthly basis to fuel the creative juices and members would discuss these short works, giving constructive criticism to help each other enhance their skills. Events also took place periodically, including workshops led by rising stars in the literary field.


Kalimat is a literary haven, cultivating readers and writers in a beautiful and nurturing ecosystem. More than just simple discussions, members in attendance get to open up, speak more freely and articulate in a way that enriches each and every person. The Kalimat community empowers its members to create their own voices and celebrate each other.

Kalimat is always welcoming of new members. If you’re a woman over 16 and interested in joining, all you need to do is email them and begin your journey into the wonderful world of literature.


Twitter: KalimatLiterary

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