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The Next Innovative Doc: Nawaf Al Khayal, 16

By the age of 12, Nawaf had set his life goal to becoming the best surgeon in the Kingdom.

He gravitated towards medicine as his future major, wanting as he did to help people, discover new treatments and medicines, and be an impactful individual in the society.

After getting accepted into the Misk scholarship program last year, he had the opportunity to advance in his medical studies. He currently works with a professor in one of the labs at King Khalid University Hospital, assisting him with his research while also conducting some of his own.

Nawaf got accepted into Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s scholarship program, through which he took a 7-week Harvard Secondary School Program during the summer of 2018, studying Biology and Psychology courses.dksa-saudifuturechasers-mohamedalmonajem2

Nawaf is currently working on a project that can enhance the learning methods of IB (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) for students aged 16-19, through coding an application that sends them summaries of every IB subtopic, including Biology, Math, Chemistry, Physics, ITGS, and Business Management.

Nawaf believes that he must create a better environment for the people around him, using the skills he learns. He aspires to be the future Minister of Health in Saudi Arabia, but first, he must overcome the challenges of gaining his place within the medical community, and putting in the hours for his research.

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