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The “Nation of Gold” Competition Protects its Visitors against Commercial Fraud

10 Million Riyals Sales of Saudi Jewelry Designers through Online Shopping.

While a Saudi expert estimated the volume of sales of jewelry designers through online shopping at 10 million riyals annually, specialists revealed during the national gold and jewelry competition “Nation of Gold” a set of precautionary measures during the process of buying the precious metal and fortifying visitors against commercial fraud. That competition concluded its activities yesterday at the Jeddah Hilton Hotel, The jeweler Rami Bawajeeh reviewed in the lecture “E-Marketing for Jewelry” the needs of the jewelry designer such as metals, stones, formulation, drawing, illustration and description. He also emphasized the importance of learning the skills of display, sale and pricing, and the continuous updating of information. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of E-Marketing that represents the future of selling in the world of gold and jewelry and opens new horizons in the world of E-Commerce, which has become a large and renewed market today.img_6788-copy

Mr. Bawajeeh advised jewelry designers to acquire new skills and experiences to keep abreast of developments in the Saudi market and pointed to the increasing volume of electronic sales of jewelry designers and designers in recent times to reach more than 10 million riyals annually. He expected that the next five years would witness a significant growth of up to 200% in light of the electronic transformation that the Kingdom is experiencing it, along with the great spread of social media and modern technologies.
Ms. Safa Merheb, Head of the Creative Design Department in Jeddah College of Advertising – University of Business and Technology, presented the most important pillars and strategic steps for creating and designing advertisements in general and jewelry in particular. She stressed during her lecture on “The Foundations of Designing Visual and Printed Advertisements for Jewelry” that the precious metal requires special care in terms of highlighting its properties and increasing the public’s approval to buy it.6d71eb71-9ead-4cc1-8213-9578911770f1-copy

On the other hand, the jewelry designer and trainer Effat Bahamdin presented the international standards for jewelry design. She highlighted during an interactive workshop on “Forming the Metal by Drawing and Coloring” the basic principles recognized for coloring and drawing and stressed the importance of supporting talent by studying to reach excellence and success in the gold and jewelry sector.img_6767-copy

Mr. Shadi Mohammad Almufleh, Director of Operation in Solitaire Laboratories, discussed the importance of immunizing the consumer against commercial fraud through careful examination of jewelry during his lecture “Your Guide to Buying Jewelry”. He talked about the classification of diamonds, processed diamonds, industrial diamonds, precious stones and precious metals. Then he turned to how to ensure the purity of jewelry when buying it, the main components of each piece and the modern techniques that entered the diamond and gem industry, which made it difficult to detect natural stones for experts without the use of advanced devices. He also indicated the need to send precious stones, diamonds and jewelry to laboratories and issue a certificate to them to protect both customer and merchant.f2f3981a-cd59-44bc-8d34-a0456badc6aa-copy

Jewelry designer Dalal Al-Aqeel recounted her success story. She started in 2015 and overcame many challenges to reach an international level, and launch her brand Talida Jewellery. She noted that her goal was to create unconventional jewelry to keep pace with the market and satisfy the desires of women looking for sophistication and excellence.

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