The Music Space x Wall of Sound: Weekend show

The Music Space in Jeddah is hosting a night to remember.

In collaboration with Wall of Sound, they organized a weekend gig that includes some of the artists signed with the record label where they will be performing their music on the high-end stage provided by The Music Space.


In this article, we will quickly introduce each artist to you. Starting with the local talents, Klinsh and Fulana will be blessing us with their new releases and their magical performances. In order to know more about them, you can check our print issue where you can find an article that goes in-depth about these two artists. On the other hand, we have the dynamic duo Idreesi and Zaid Khaled prepared to bring the roof down with their melodic tunes and electrifying stage presence.


Back in March, a quite similar lineup got to perform in Riyadh and put on a show to remember. The crowd was electric and had contagious energy which made for one special show. This time, it is performed in The Music Space which is equipped with the best sound systems that give these artists ease of mind when performing their music.

Make sure you attend this show, you don’t want to miss it.

For information about the event, check out Wall of Sound’s Instagram account and contact the number provided to book your ticket.

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