The Music Space: A New Hub for All Things Music

If you are a lover of the local music scene and are looking for a place that gives you all-out access to the best musicians in town, then The Music Space is for you!

Co-Founded by Kaswara Alkhatib, The Music Space was created to be the home for Indie and Alternative musicians and music lovers. “We are trying to grow this genre in the Middle East by giving emerging musicians a place to play, evolve their skills, & grow their audience.” While traditional Arabic music is well served, the Indie genre remains limited to basements and tiny venues.dsc_5514-copy

Moreover, it helps with the exposure of bands to the various talent agents, event organizers, and record labels. Hosting bands from all genres and musical styles such as Jazz, Blues, R&B, Funk, Soul, Classical, and Progressive Rock. The Music Space opens its doors for genres from all over the world. It allows us to experience an array of musical cultures and pushes musicians to discover their unique sounds.dsc_5708-copy

Experiencing a show at TMS allows a unique opportunity for music lovers to experience a live performance in an intimate setting and meet the performers. During breaks, both the musicians and the audience head to the outdoor area to have a cigarette and conversate. The nights are concluded with an improv jam session afterparty, where the musicians have their own little fun before heading home. dsc_5627-copy

The place is a small space with all the seats positioned towards the stage, drawing the focus towards the musicians rather than anything else. Overall, The Music Space is a place many people in Jeddah have been waiting for without knowing they were.


It is already highlighting the hidden talents of the community and giving the people a chance to appreciate the beauty of live alternative music performances. AlKhatib concluded, “I believe many people will follow The Music Space’s idea, but that only means we did something right. We will feed off each other and help the music  community grow in Jeddah and the Kingdom.” To know more about the upcoming themes and events, visit @TMS.ksa on Instagram and get a taste of what The Music Space has to offer.dsc_5752-copy

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