The How, Where, What of Riyadh for the Week: November 8 – 14

We’ve had our first round of subtle rain showers scattered all over the city and it looks like there’s more to come this month.

We figured that for this week’s to-do list, a bit of variety would do well for those wanting to do a bit of staycation and those wanting to step out of their comfort zones!


10 Underrated Destinations In Saudi Arabia
Done with the usual tourist spots in SA? Want to pass on the queuing and have less photobombers in your travel shots? Well then, dear fellow adventurers, this list is going to keep you busy for long weekends to come:

10 Underrated Destinations In Saudi Arabia


Piatto Express Opens Near Tamimi, Dabab/Talatheen St.
We still don’t know the name of the new lifestyle plaza on the intersection of Dabab and Talatheen St. but we’re loving what they’ve done to the place. Piatto Express has official opened up in the area, which serves artisan pizzas and gelato (basically a Piatto mini-me). There’s also the first Panda Express in Riyadh opening soon. Stay tuned for updates!

While you’re in the area by the way, don’t forget to grab our latest issue! Yes folks, we’re in TAMIMI DABAB!



Organic in Riyadh
What started as a trend has turned into a healthy lifestyle choice for Riyadhis, buying local and eating organic food items. We are in full support of our homegrown farmers and besides, the veggies do taste better without the pesticide sprinkles. Wondering where to get your produce? Now’s a good time to find out about:

Organic Riyadh


And see a movie Under the Stars
Sorry gents, but this one is just for the ladies. As part of the 10KSA campaign, LelKheir will be hosting a 3-day movie night event at Kore Studios. We’re still torn on whether we’re going for Harry Potter, Clueless (it’s a classic) or Spy, either way, we hope to see y’all there! For the other movies on the list and ticket information, please check:

Under the Stars

Stay In

And have your own movie night
For those of you staying in, here’s how to set up your own perfect movie night at home:

The Perfect Movie Night


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