Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The How, Where, What of Riyadh for the Week: November 29 – Dec 5

The How, Where, What of Riyadh for the Week: November 29 – Dec 5

As we catch the tail-end of the year and enter the wintery month of December, we decided to give you a to-do list that will keep you city bound and loving it.


The Historical Neighborhood of Addeerah
Addeerah is pretty popular with tourists visiting Riyadh. With the Masmak Palace nearby, and back alley shops filled with brass trinkets and camel dummies for them to take home, it’s the place tour guides go to when they want to show their charges an ‘authentic’ souq. But the area is so much more than the shallow surface its reputation scratches. Navigate Addeerah like a true Riyadhi:

5 Things To Experience In Riyadh’s Historic Neigborhood – Addeerah


Some Hot Mol10 Lovin’
As the temperature drops, we find ourselves craving for some warm indulgence and if you’re a sweet tooth, then a hot chocolate lava cake should do the trick for you. Mol10 let’s you skip the appetizer and main course and just go straight into desserts:

Some Hot Mol10 Choco Lovin’


Riyadh’s Fitness Classes
We know the feeling, as the weather gets colder, it gets harder to get out of bed or the couch and work up a sweat. Don’t worry, we got you. Fact: working out with a group can up your motivation, so get back on the fitness wagon and have no excuse!

Fitness Classes We Love in Riyadh


Flatland Exhibition by Ayman Zedani at Naila Art Gallery
Here’s something for the art lovers in the city, Ayman Zedani, Saudi artist is showcasing his latest thought provoking works at Naila Art Gallery until December 9. Not familiar with this local contemporary art hub? Check out:

Naila Art Gallery

Love it Or Hate it

The Riyadh Rain

With last week’s downpour, some of our districts got it harder than others, with reports of floods and unfortunately, casualties. We applaud the quick action of the civil defense and city workers who worked round the clock to rescue the folks stuck in the floods and clean up the roads for safe passage.

So according to the forecast, we are still expecting some rain showers towards the latter part of this week and while we don’t make light of the challenges and advise everyone to please keep safe, here’s something for the Riyadhis who love the rain and those who go meh at the first sign of a drizzle:

Love it: The Things We Love When It Rains

Hate it: 6 Awkward Weather Moments in Saudi


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