Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The How, Where, What of Riyadh for the Week: Dec 6 – Dec 12

The How, Where, What of Riyadh for the Week: Dec 6 – Dec 12

Hello December! This month, we’re all about the good vibes and wanting to make sure you’re all set to close the year feeling positive and inspired.

With that said, we’ve prepared a week for you that’s all about spreading goodness doing your part in making Riyadh a wonderful city. So without further ado:

Be Inspired

By Saudi Social Entrepreneurship Advocate, Lujain Ubaid
If there’s an on-going task we would ask of any Riyadhi, it would be to be the change they want to see in the world (as Gandhi would put it) and spread kindness. In order to encourage you to do just that, we invite you to read the story of Lujain Ubaid and hopefully, it will inspire you to pick and get behind your own positive cause in the city:

Lujain Al Ubaid


Practice your right to make Riyadh a better place.
The Riyadh municipality elections are coming up this December 12 and for all you registered voters, please do take the time to head to the election centers to cast your votes. If you would like to know more about the changes in the community leadership roles of candidates as well as the important responsibilities of your respective municipal councils, check out and have a look at this checklist to help you choose the right candidates:

How to Choose The Right Candidates For The Riyadh Elections


The 10KSA Women’s Event for Breast Cancer Awareness

Oh yes, December 12 is going to be a busy and meaningful day for Riyadhis! We’re inviting women from all over the Kingdom to be part of a historical event for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is for you, for her and for us— so don’t miss the chance to contribute by registering and attending the 10KSA initiative happening at Princess Noura University. Register Now:

10KSA Event


New Restaurants. New Restaurants Everywhere!
Food lovers of Riyadh, we know that no weekly to do list is complete without us dishing out the latest gastronomical discoveries in town. And so…

The verdict is out on Kapital Kitchen, here’s our In and Out review for your dining pleasure:

Kapital Kitchen

For those of you looking for the next artisan bakery in the city, rejoice, Eric Kayser is officially open at Granada Mall. Will it meet the same awesomeness of its UAE counterpart? Only time will tell.



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