Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Fresh Pickings of AlJouf

The Fresh Pickings of AlJouf

Where the Olive Branch Grows.

During Winter: 5.6 ° C- 17° C

Al Jouf is situated in the North-West part of the Saudi Kingdom, holding monumental importance historically and agriculturally. Al Jouf is known for its colorful ambiance lined with olive trees, ancient architecture, and traditional decorative wall pieces.


Sakaka’s Zaabal Castle

Ramble around in the Zaabal castle and rehearse the history in the fort that holds adventurous stone-built walls that narrate the tales of the past and traditional lore of fascinating Arab history.

Did you Know
Al Jouf is a Guinness World Records holder for the Largest olive and dates farm.

dkt_cgvxuaaxzxaDumat Al Jandal Lake

Looking for a calm and sensational destination containing a natural aura? Visit the inviting Dumat Al Jandal lake west of Sakaka. Splendid natural sunlight striking shimmering blue water at the lake creates a dramatic effect that is perfect for your evening selfie.

epicureanadventuresolives_card_1Olive and Date Farms

Olives are the main delicacies of the soulful Middle Eastern Region; Al Jouf is known to grow the best olives and dates in the country make sure to visit and explore local farms to taste fresh produce and experience a unique taste.

shutterstock_325873862Marid Castle

A unique architectural style constructed on the rocky plateau 100m above sea level. The castle has an enigma element that allures you to divulge it—holding well-known traditional importance in the region invites many archaeological visitors.

flickr-com-1Omar Ibn Khattab Mosque

A prominent minaret adjacent to the mosque adds an Islamic architectural distinction that you might want to see on your adventurous visit to Al Jouf. The mosque’s construction dates back to over 1,300 years and holds great importance in Islamic history, which will connect you to your roots and fill you with a soulful experience.

Did you Know
The cryptic desert of Al Rajajil has an amusing view, and a 2000 years old monument, a stone pillar, also known as the Stonehenge of Saudi, baffles tourists with its mystic pull facing the east towards the rising reminds us of bronze ages and dramatic ancient architecture.


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