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The First Photographs of the Open-top LaFerrari

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By Ferrari Media

The first ever photographs of the open-top version of the LaFerrari, the new limited-edition special series for clients and collectors who refuse to compromise on the joy of al fresco driving, have now been revealed.

The name and technical characteristics of the new car will be announced at the Paris International Motor Show, in addition to the number of examples Ferrari will build.

The new limited-edition special series will be available with a removable carbon-fibre hard top and a removable soft top. It has the same running gear and performance figures as the original LaFerrari, sporting 800 cv V12 (with a specific power output of 128 cv/l) coupled with a 120 kW electric motor (163 cv), unleashing 963 cv in total.

Significant and extensive modifications have been made to the chassis such as further honing the aerodynamics to guarantee the same drag coefficient when driving in the open configuration.

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