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The Different Types of Uber Drivers

The Different Types of Uber Drivers
By Mohammed Alsalem
Uber claims that their drivers are not typical, and we couldn’t agree more. There are, in fact, seven different types of Uber drivers that we know of. Here’s an overview of their distinguishing qualities:

1. The Chatter


You don’t need to chat back in order to know this guy’s life story, all you need to do is nod with approval, or don’t nod. Your nodding will probably not make a difference.

2. The Silent Type


Rolled up windows, and no music or radio playing. The only thing you are going to hear is a greeting at first, that’s it. Sometimes you feel that the car is driving itself.

3. The Beginner


The one who has just started driving for Uber. Most likely he is going to share this information with you, and an awkward moment will follow.

4. The Five Stars Seeker


This guy will go above and beyond to get the five stars rating. He will provide everything you need and make sure your experience is unmatched. Once you reach your destination, he sure will remind you to give him the five stars.

5. The Shortcuts Guy


If Google Maps estimates your trip to take 20 minutes, this guy will make it in 10. Trust him, just don’t freak out when you realize you’re going opposite to traffic.

6. The Lost One


This one will call you after he gets your request asking for your location. Then, he’ll call asking if he passed you. Then, he’ll ask if you can see him. After a while, you’ll notice him flying by and once you wave, he’ll slam on the breaks.

7. The One That Offers You a Charger, and an AUX Cord


This guy understands us.


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