The Craze Over Crave

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We found the place you should head to whenever you crave a perfect, juicy burger appropriately called Crave.

Mussab Hariri, co-owner and chef at Crave restaurant, speaks to us about the origins of the meaty goodness. The actual idea behind Crave started three years ago as a private cooking station.

Hariri explains how he and Ahmad Al Amodi, cofounder and catering chef, began it all, “We started cooking only for our families and relatives, then this expanded into friends. Live cooking was a new idea; back then there was no such thing as preparing burgers for people in their homes. We were called Gourmet Sandwiches back in the day.”

The business took a commercial turn almost two years ago when Saad Julaidan, who is now the cofounder and general manager of Crave met with the team in a party they catered. He encouraged them to take the business to the next level. Being such a success, Gourmet Sandwiches was able to turn the moving working station into the actual restaurant, Crave, on Ramadan 11.

Regarding the menu, Hariri reveals, “The first dishes we started with were burgers and chicken wraps in the catering service. Then the catering menu increased to include those along with hot dogs and slider burgers. In the restaurant here however, we are only focusing on serving burgers.”

Items such as chicken wraps, ice cream, juices and cookies will be added to Crave’s menu soon. They’re also working on outdoor seating arrangements just in time for Jeddah’s breezy autumn weather.

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